Designed by At-Once studio

The « Impala » chair and armchair are the result of the combination of Airborne two main strengths: comfort and purity of line. The contour of the frame underlines the space between the chairs back and seat for a look of understated elegance.

Made with black epoxy solid steel Ø 12 mm.

Gabriel Trevira CS fabric.

Available in 11 colours

Fire retardant M1

Made in France.

The Coralie Prévert Edition

« Coralie Prévert » trade mark was born in Florence in 2014 and registered later in France in 2016. It is a world of printed fabrics starting with scarves and kimonos progressively thereafter. Soon to be used to many more products.

Collaboration with the young French designer Coralie Prévert to dress the Impala chair and bridge. It is a precious graphic realm, contemporary and colourful, using the Italians printers’ knowhow whim whom Coralie Prévert works in close collaboration. It is there that roots and travels, harmonies and eccentricities, shapes and words meet.

She loves the decorative arts, the architecture of the thirties, the XIXth century avant-garde, the design of the fifties. And so, quite naturally, Airborne took an interest in her work and chose her unique style to upholster its new “Impala” chair and armchair collection, designed by “AT Once Studio”.

The Impala in the Press