Miss Clover Table

Designed by At-Once studio

Nelson Alves and Maxence Boisseau wanted to create a concept of tripod table with a metal base. They quickly realized that a metal base should be minimized to create a floating illusion.
Its base has been reduced to enhance woodwork, resulting in light and elegant "Miss Clover" coffee table.

Made in France

Black epoxy solid steel 12 mm and 3 solid oak leaves​


The Coffee table

  • Diameter : 70 cm
  • Height : 36 cm

The Miss Clover XXL :

  • Diameter : 118 cm
  • Height : 26 cm

This table is now part of the French National Museum of Furniture.

Care and Maintenance

Each table is unique - made in france with solid oak top - thickness 2,5 cm. The oak used comes from a pefc certified french company. Oakwood is a noble and living material. As such, few irregularities in grain, colours and colour contrast may show. It is to be expected when dealing with natural material.

The table is resistant to stains and aureoles thanks to the matt varnish finish. However, avoid prolonged exposure to water and contact with hot objects. Use a humid microfiber cloth and soapy water to clean.

Caution: Do not use an abrasive sponge or cleaning product which might damage the varnish. Do not bleach.

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