Linen AA Covers

100% Natural Linen

The 100% natural linen fabric used for our “ficelle” cover is similar in comfort and feel to our cotton cover. Like any other natural fabrics, the weaving can show some irregularities which cotton does not have. It is part of the charm and authentic feel of this model which makes it a favourite amongst many.


Ivory, ficelle and dark green

91% linen and 9% PA

The trend of today is towards natural fabrics. Linen covers, especially designed for outdoor use, have been part of our collection for the last few years. They are more hugging and less stiff than the cotton covers. To guarantee a longer life of your cover, it is better to store it during wet weather.


Craft and safari.

As all natural fiber, this linen fabric for outdoor use will not tolerate a prolonged or continuous exposure in bad weather. It is strongly advised to shelter the chair in wet weather. The Batyline collection has been specially designed for outdoor use and is highly recommended in adverse weather conditions.

Care and Maintenance

The colouring of the natural linen fabric depends on the hue of the linen fiber which can vary. Therefore, the colour can be slightly different from one delivery to the next. Do not machine wash - do not wring - dry on frame or a on flat surface - when ironing, use a cloth between the iron and the cover. If in doubt, ask for professional advice.