«Airborne© France» was founded by Charles Bernard in 1951. lts workshop manufactured two hundred iconic models. Designers like Pierre Guariche, Olivier Mourgue, Daniele Quarante, Yves Christian amongst others enhanced the worldwide image of the company. Historically, Airborne© flag ship reference is the AA© chair. The« BKF » chair was designed in 1938 by Antonio Bonnet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy. Success was immediate. They had created an icon of contemporary design. ln 1951, Charles Bernard, acknowledging its iconic status, commenced to manufacture the chair for the French and European market calling it the AA© chair. The original leather cover evolved : Airborne© designed linen then cotton covers with central white stitching, the brand emblem. ln the seventies, the chair was made in three parts and could be dismantled.
Today, Airborne© offers 57 different covers to fit the AA© chair, a timeless reference of contemporary design, as we/ as two versions of the AO© table, designed by the Airborne's design office.

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The Impala

The « Impala » chair and armchair are the result of the combination of Airborne two main strengths: comfort and purity of line. The contour of the frame underlines the space between the chairs back and seat for a look of understated elegance.



Get to know more about the Iconic 3 legs chair by Designer Maxime Lis.


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